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JD uses this as his Karate Black Belt Certificate.

There are many black belts in the U.S. but very few top rated fighters.

JD vs Mr. Bill 1979
Long Beach Internationals. 
Click photo below to watch world class Black Belt Karate Fights video
JD enjoyed this letter. Bill and Super Dan helped him a great deal with his striking. The "kicked everyones butt" that day in his letter refers to him, Cherry, Zeal, and West at the top of this region 1 Fighter ratings.
Pretty good for a wrestler ;-)
1978 Long Beach International Karate Championships
JD at 1980 Internationals signing up before 'excessive contact' disqualification.
Kick Illustrated Magazine
JD has always enjoyed the precision
movements, coordination and control of
power that martial arts develop and the  
TRUST that training partners learn.
JD sidekicks high as brother Richard delivers dropping side kick to his groin. JD watched 'Super' Dan lift a heavyweight off his feet with this kick in a Finals match. That was Impressive!
Janesa Kruse teaching JD about the value of a good sidekick to the face. His wrestling judo strategy of baiting a high kick with his hands down so he could sweep the kicker seemed like a good idea at the time. This was his 2nd karate tournament and he had a lot to learn about real kickers. He never saw this kick just stars. She got roughed up after this but this kick is great!
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