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JD began learning jujitsu in 1971 and competitive judo in 1973. At his first large judo tournament at Oregon State University he won 5 of 6 matches but still placed 1st as a heavyweight white belt at about 172 lbs. Wrestling is great pre judo training. He later won a few judo tournaments as a black belt.
JD bought his first judo magazine in 1972 because it was an interesting competitive sport like wrestling but with
killer throws and 'cheating' submissions he learned in jujitsu.
JD below doing a reaping throw and hold down about 1974.
JD being shoulder thrown while wearing his boxing shirt in class.
'Thor' below is vastly bigger and stronger than JD but proper technique allows JD to throw and land on top of him and if needed apply a Surfboard Choke at bottom.
video still frames
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