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1968 JD started boxing and buying magazines to help learn. Seemed like a good idea to know  how to punch.
The Ring Magazine
JD stretching Joe Hipp during training for his WBA World Heavyweight Championship
fight with Champion Bruce Sheldon.
Hipp was stopped in the 10th 
JD learned not to rush in for a KO with reckless abandon and no thoughts of defense when you
think they are hurt.

After being carried in JD's wallet for 30 years

this reminder was retired to a safer location.

 This old poster has both Muhammed Ali and
George Foreman's autograph. The story behind it is in the book.
'Smokin' Joe Frazier won the
biggest fight of the 20th Century. 
'Sugar' Ray Leonard
If you want to punch real good
learn from the Worlds Best. Here
are just a few of those and yes all the autographs are real.

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