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JD Natural Behavior
 @ 22 months. Guard dog in one
 hand a handgun in the other.
JD was born in the Chinese Calendar year
of the Horse. He has his handgun in one hand and his horse in the other.
24 months
5 years old
left hand practice
Age 6 still too young for real
firearms so a stick rifle works here.
Finally a BB gun at age 7 JD gets to shoot something on his own! He had to demonstrate proper firearm safety to earn this serious privilege.
Age 6 fast draw practice
with brother Matt.
The groups below represent a life long thought process of delivering energy with
extreme precision with or without weapons. This training makes 300 yard eye pokes possible with a bone stock rifle and Leopold VX-1 in 4-12x scope and 
Winchester Supreme 130 gr. BST ammo.
This is your VERY BEST weapon
30/06 groups fired 1983 from 100 yards. Rifle: bone stock Remington M721
Scope: Old Weaver 2.5-5x 
Ammo: 165 gr Speer BTSP hand loads.
Below is 1 round of 168 gr. Winchester Supreme BST ammo fired recently at a
3" sticky note from 200 yards using this old 30/06 rifle and 3x9 Tasco scope.
Google Earth has allowed JD to measure his longest deer shot 40 years ago. One shot at 700 yards with 30/06 above placed a bullet in the middle of my bucks cervical bone but The Great Spirit guided it.
All weapons including firearms are extensions of your hand so JD enjoys more traditional weapon training as well. Despite their limitations when faced with modern weapons, traditional weapons training is very important. JD has seen many men that carried handguns that were
woefully unprepared to fight if trouble found them.
 It is important to know what your weapon is capable of doing so over 30 years ago JD shot this 1" thick piece of iron with his 30/06 using military AP rounds to see what would happen. Two of the AP rounds punched right thru after shedding their copper jackets and a 3rd AP round got the steel core stuck in the iron. 
This gave  JD a new respect for what military ammo is capable of.
The book details the differences in bullet construction.
Front side
2 rounds 180 gr Remington Core-Lokt
AP copper jackets shed
AP core stuck
Side view
Back side
2 AP rounds pass thru
1 stuck AP core
1 FMJ round from this side
AP core after traveling thru 1" of iron
Good martial artists find ways to incorporate practice into their daily lives. This weapons student shoots out his kitchen door with his air rifle to practice his skills.
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