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Modern Martial Arts Warrior Training is a unique book by James Dolmage based on 50 years of  research of many different fighting arts. If you seek the many things Martial Arts offers you for health, fitness, protection of yourself or loved ones, or you are a 'New Breed' of open minded fighter looking to win fighting championships, you will want to own this book.


It shares proven, scientific technical skills. This old wrestler won his first wrestling championship in 1969 and in 2017 still kicks 6'7" guys in the head with either foot and punches like a heavyweight! There is NO SUBSTITUTE for EXPERIENCE!


With 5 decades of open minded training James has adopted behaviors of Real Warriors such as the Apaches, Ninjas or Special Forces (the Quiet Professionals) or tigers, leopards or others who maintain a low profile where mistakes can cost their life. So we are making you aware of this source of valuable  knowledge.


Jame's vast martial arts experience gives him a unique overall perspective of training and fighting impossible to obtain in only a few decades. James grew up with weapons in his hands so open your mind, absorb his depth of experience, wealth of knowledge and use it to your advantage.


Regardless of your background you have never seen anything like this unique, very interesting and highly informative book that will help keep you

safe and fit for life.    - Robert Slack







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